Program Spotlight
Oahe Child Development Center 

Oahe Child Development provides Head Start and Early Head Start services in Hughes, Hyde, Jones, Stanley, and Sully Counties.  OCDC is funded for 45 EHS slots and 139 Head Start slots and their main office is located in Pierre, SD.

OCDC’s most recent federal review showed 100% compliance with all federal standards. OCDC classroom teachers scored a 6.47 in Classroom Organization when observed by the Federal Classroom Assessment Scoring System (CLASS) reviewer.  The cutoff to be in the top 10% in the nation is 6.28.  Classroom Organization is made of 3 component areas 

  1. Behavior Management 
  2. Productivity  
  3. Instructional Learning Formats
OCDC has over 50 written collaborative agreements with community agencies to help facilitate services to enrolled children and families.  We continually strive towards improving outcomes for children, families, and the community.


Dr. Pat Anderson, from Anderson Dental in Pierre, came to Oahe Child Development Center for several presentations on keeping our teeth healthy.  Dr. Anderson, demonstrated to Oahe Child Development’s preschoolers that dentists are not scary.Preschoolers had a great day learning about Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM). Students experimented with colored noodles and various tools, to weigh and measure the different colors and types.On STEM Day 2 our preschoolers had a “taste test” to see what would be salty, sweet or sour? They also talked about the textures- is it crunchy or soft?Oahe Child Development Center had a lot of special visitors during their Read Across America Week. The Cat in the Hat even visited, read to, and played with the preschoolers.